Global Railway Review is pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new event; Digitalisation: Harnessing Big Data in Rail. Held in Munich on 4 October 2017, the day will attract over 300 railway professionals from across the world to come together, learn, discuss and debate how the digitalisation of data will change the future of the railways.

The conference will review how technological advancements throughout the last 10 years have drastically changed the way data is collected, analysed and used. How with the increased power of computers and analytic technology, data can be handled at sufficient speed to help improve systems such as asset management, predictive maintenance, optimal scheduling and passenger information.

With ‘Big Data’ already being used in railways to monitor and improve the quality of service and asset maintenance, there is greater potential for data usage to come. Digitalisation: Harnessing Big Data in Rail will explore the possibilities of data implementation across railway operations and discuss the shift from data analytics to big data.